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Discover 40 - 60% OFF MSRP Scratch and Dent Appliances

Out with the old and in with the new, all in one stop! We will recycle your old appliance and get you set up with new ones all in the same day.

Snohomish Appliance Recycling—Your One Stop Shop For All Home Scratch And Dent Appliances

Dealing with malfunctioning or old appliances is inconvenient, time consuming, and expensive. However, we’re here to help transform your daunting project into a seamless experience.


Snohomish Appliance Recycling Outlet will recycle your old appliance and get you set up with new, used, refurbished, and scratch and dent appliances at 40-60% OFF MSRP, all at once!

Not quite ready to switch out your appliances and think you might just need a quick repair or new part? We can help with that too! 


How Snohomish Appliance Recycling Can Help With Your Home Projects


Scratch and Dent Appliances

It's no secret—we are not your average box store. We offer name brand, new, used, refurbished, and scratch and dent appliances at an almost unbelievable discount. Hint: Ask about package deals! 


Recycling Services

Let us handle the hassle of getting rid of your old appliances, you just shop around and let our sales team help you figure out what you want to replace it with! Already have a new appliance ready to go? No worries, we still want your old appliances!


Repair Services

Broken refrigerator crisper or want to see if we can fix that clunking sound before considering new appliances? Give us a call or pop in to our warehouse in Snohomish to see if we have a replacement part for you! 

Let Us Take Your Old and Broken Appliances and Upgrade Your Home In A Breeze


Appliances are expensive. Come shop 40 - 60% OFF all major name brands and all appliances.

Package Deals

Financing Available 

Replacement Parts Available



Drop your old appliances out front, find your new appliances in the warehouse, and schedule a delivery. It can be that simple, and that quick!

Drop Off Location For Recycling 

Same Day and Next Day Delivery*

Removal Of Old Appliances With Purchase



We are open 7 days a week and located in Snohomish! Come shop local and know we are always here to help.

6 Month - 1 Year Warranty 

Open 7 Days a Week 

Personable Sales Team 



* Dependent on inventory and testing status.

“The service is excellent. The availability of new and slightly used products is great. The excellent installation is a bonus. We have purchased all of our appliances from them over the last 15 years. You can't go wrong. Hint: you can call for availability, but I suggest going down there. Things move really fast!!!"
- Dennis James, Snohomish County
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